How do you get your product, service, message, or idea in front of the right people? 
...Social media is the way to grow your audience online.

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5 Keys To Building an Audience of Buyers on Social Media

Are you ready to build an audience  
Social media is a goldmine for insights about your target market. What have you learned about your audience there?
What have you done to grow your audience on social media? 
What worked and what didn't?

"I have a great product/service/course, but no one to sell it to!"
"I'm stuck! If I could only get more followers and customers, I know my business would grow." 

"I've tried using social media to get more leads and customers, but it never works for me and it takes so much time."  

Do any of those sound familiar? Have you experienced any yourself?  

Here's Exactly What You'll Get in 'Build Your Audience Using Social Media'...

With Build Your Audience Using Social Media, you’ll learn everything you need to connect, engage and retain clients and customers for your business, will develop a proven step-by-step social media plan to grow an audience of your ideal customers.

   Our Build Your Audience Using Social Media program gives you everything you need to learn how to:  

  - Develop the mindset you need to successfully grow your audience

  - Put everything in place for maximum audience growth before you even start

  - Use best practices for attracting your audience on the top social media platforms

  - Encourage social media followers to join your email list, so you're not dependent on social
media to communicate with them

  - Use simple tactics to engage with your followers and nurture those relationships, so they'll trust you and be ready to buy from you

 [Check out the Module Overviews below for more details on what you'll cover in the course.]  

 Our ready-to-go program is divided into separate modules and lessons, so it can easy to complete sections   
 over time – to avoid overwhelm and give time for implementation. 

Social media is a powerful tool for both finding your ideal customers and building a relationship with them. That's because no matter who your audience is, they're probably using social media in some way. And...  

It doesn't have to cost you anything to build an audience - just a little time and commitment.  

Unfortunately, many business owners go about using social media the wrong way and never see any progress.  

However, when we conducted our research, we found that those who are successful in building an audience with social media follow 3 simple steps:    

Step 1 - Know Your Audience 
Step 2 - Attract Your Ideal Customers 
Step 3 - Engage &Nurture Relationships   

When you follow those 3 steps consistently...     

You'll have a growing audience of followers who will be eager to buy your products and services.     

Module Overviews 

Module 1 – Get Ready to Grow Your Audience

You need to be prepared both mentally and practically before you start to build your audience using social media.  

In this first module, you’ll learn how to set your audience growth goals, establish the right audience-growth mindset for success, and evaluate the elements you already have in place to grow your audience.

Lesson 1: Why Grow an Audience Using Social Media 

You'll identify why and how to set audience growth goals and establish the mindset that will help your students achieve those goals.

Lesson 2: Set Up for Audience Growth - In Lesson 2, you'll  evaluate what you already have in place to grow your audience, so that you can identify gaps for further action, including making sure you're set up to add people to their email list.
Module 2 – Step 1: Get to Know Your Audience

Researching your target market is one of the key tasks any business needs to complete and regularly revisit. You have to be able to describe your ideal customer as if they were someone you knew.  

In Module 2, you’ll dig deeper into how to understand your audience and find out where on social media they prefer to interact. In this way, you can tailor your audience-building approach to resonate with their ideal customers.
Module 3 – Step 2: Attract Your Ideal Audience

Attracting an audience on social media isn’t about quantity but about quality. You need to be interacting with the people who want to know more about you and how you can help them.  

In Module 3, you’ll discover tactics you can use to attract your target audience to your social media platforms and encourage followers to join your email list. That way, you can start to engage and build relationships with your followers through both social media AND email.

Lesson 1: Build Your Audience - In Lesson 1, you'll learn how to use social media to attract your audience to become followers, so that you can start to engage and build relationships with them on their preferred platforms.

Lesson 2: Use Social Media to Build Your Email List - In Lesson 2, you'll learn how to encourage your followers to click through to your opt-in lead magnets, so that you consistently add subscribers to your email list. You should never rely just on social media for relationship-building!

Module 4 - Step 3: Engage and Nurture Relationships Before You Sell

Before you can promote anything or make any sales, you MUST build trust and engagement with your followers.  

In Module 4, you’ll learn how to nurture the relationships you've already created on social media and engage more deeply with your audience, so that they become potential customers.

Module 5 – Optimise Your Audience Growth

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort growing your audience, so you’ll want to make sure that you sustain the following you’ve built.  

In Module 5, you’ll explore advanced techniques for audience-building that you can use when you’re ready, so that you can continue to expand your market reach and make more sales.
Module 6 - Review and Refine

In this final module, you’ll learn some tips to get even better results from your audience-building efforts. .
Build Your Audience Using Social Media


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